About Us


America’s Repair Force was established to expose the deceptive secrets of the service industry to protect consumers from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies.


There are many good, ethical service companies all around the country that have become frustrated by competitors who use devious tricks to get their foot in the door of unsuspecting consumers, so they can sell them overpriced services that often times, they don’t even need. Unfortunately for the consumer, the honorable service companies often get to these unsuspecting customers after the damage has been done. America’s Repair Force is trying to help the honorable companies get in front of these companies to protect the American consumer.

Please feel free to share your past experiences on our Customer Experiences page. Please do not use the company name when writing about how a company took advantage of you. It is not our intent to expose companies, but rather to expose tactics, so that consumers will recognize these tactics when they happen to them and not fall prey to them.

Our hope is that by exposing these tactics, they will no longer work on consumers and these unethical companies will have to change the way they operate. This will raise the bar for the entire service industry and hopefully get all companies to compete in a transparent, ethical manner. When this happens, the good companies that offer quality work at a fair price will survive and those who cannot compete in an honest manner will no longer be able to menace our communities.

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