Customer Service 

"You will never talk to an answering service. All calls are answered by a qualified air conditioning and heating technician." – A real company will not pay a technician to sit at a desk and answer the phone. 

"Every newly installed air conditioning system is owner supervised and inspected." – This usually means the company is just one guy and a truck. 

"Fully Stocked Trucks" – This should be standard, but it's usually just a sales pitch. There are some AC companies that will show up in a small vehicle that couldn't possibly carry enough equipment. Usually this means that that "technician" is actually a salesperson. 

"Our vehicles are fully stocked with the parts, materials and equipment to get the air conditioning repair or installation done right the first time." – This should go without saying. 

"100% Satisfaction Guarantee!" – This is only as good as the reputation of the company you deal with.

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