One Hour Response Time 

Now think about this. What company can afford to have a tech sitting around just waiting for you to call so he can provide you service within an hour. 

This is usually a clever marketing technique to get you to call for quick service. But what you find out when you call is that the One Hour Service costs about 3 times the normal service call rate. So most people just get in the regular queue and the marketing technique worked, you called them instead of someone else.

If you decide to pay the extra money for the one hour response, here's how they do it. Let's say they are working on your system and the company gets a call from a customer who will pay for one hour service. They call the tech working on your system, and tell him to get to that call within the hour.

The tech tells you he needs a part and has to run out to get it. Now he leaves your system down while he helps another customer willing to pay much more than you. Eventually he will get back to your unit to complete the repair. We don't think leaving a customer in the middle of a job is a fair way to treat customers.

If you have an on-going relationship with a good company, and you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, most reputable companies will do what they can to help you out.

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